Shiny Oven Glass After Cleaning with Bar Keepers Friend

How to Clean Oven Glass

A few weeks ago, after making burger patties and bringing them outside to the grill, I realized we were completely out of propane. I brought them back inside and broiled the burgers on a baking sheet in the oven. When it came time to pull them out, I burned my…

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Build a Modern Adirondack Chair Plans

Build a Modern Adirondack Chair

A few weeks ago my neighbor gave me some unwanted lumber. A couple of the pieces were redwood, which made me start thinking about building something for an outdoor space . . . perhaps an adirondack chair for our bare front porch. I began searching for some patio chair inspiration,…

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Make a Catalog Bookcase

Build a Catalog Bookcase

Anyone with children likely knows the struggle to keep the contents of a bookcase organized. This kid-friendly catalog bookcase provides a solution with its pull-out drawers and moveable dividers. I’d love to take design credit, but the genius idea belongs to my friend Sarah from The Created Home. She put…

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Build a Cedar Planter

Build a Chippendale Planter

Last year I built my mom a large chippendale planter. It holds a 12″ pot of flowers and looks great on my parents’ front porch. This year I wanted to make another version of the planter in a slightly smaller size; one that would look good with a 10″ pot…

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Painted Bathtub One Year Later Thoughts

Painted Bathtub | One Year Later

Why did you paint your bathtub? Almost exactly one year ago, as Jim and I tackled the kids’ bathroom renovation, I decided to paint the bathtub. I had considered replacing it with a new one, but ultimately chose to give Rustoleum Tub & Tile a try, for a couple of…

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Modern Floating Nightstand with Wireless Charging Tutorial

Modern Floating Nightstand

Have you ever participated in the Builder’s Challenge? I learned about it last year and was excited to join in on the fun. If you’re not familiar with it–the Builder’s Challenge creates and sends building plans to anyone who signs up. The deadline is three weeks after the plans are…

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Modern Home DIY Bloggers

Modern Home DIY Bloggers

We’re going to be inside for a little while . . .  It’s been an interesting month, hasn’t it? As COVID-19 sweeps across the globe we’ve been quarantined in our home for over two weeks. With the recent recommendation to social distance through the end of April, it’s looking like…

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DIY Offset Built in Bunk Beds

Offset Built-In Bunk Beds

I recently finished making offset built-in bunk beds for Lucy and Jack. The room they share isn’t huge, so I was hoping to pack as much storage into the bunk beds as possible. One of my goals was to eliminate the need for dressers so that they could have more…

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Make a Modern Fabric Feature Wall in Kids Bedroom

DIY Fabric Feature Wall

Before I started building the offset bunk beds for Lucy and Jack, I started thinking about a feature wall for their room. I browsed wallpapers–both temporary, removable wallpaper as well as traditional wallpaper, but had a hard time finding something I liked that wasn’t crazy pricey. Thinking about all the…

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Tame the Chaos of a Small Coat Closet wtih Simple DIY Organizational Compartments

DIY Coat Closet Organization

We have one tiny coat closet at our front door. Lately it’s been a constant mess of coats, boots and winter gloves/hats. Why do builders design closets so inefficiently? Here, there’s one closet rod mounted WAY TOO HIGH for my preschooler or kindergartener to reach (so how can I really…

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