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Below you will find short descriptions of a handful of my favorite home products.  Most of these products are linked to a retailer where you can purchase these products. Some are affiliate links. All products, whether affiliate or not, are products I love and recommend. My list of favorite home products is continually updated, so check back often!

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01 | Kitchen

Kraus Single Bowl Sink

This undermount, single bowl sink is wide and deep.  I love it because you can have a whole day’s worth of dirty dishes hiding in here and no one will know. It easily holds my big pots, pans, and cookie sheets, which makes cleaning them less of a drag. The best price I found for this beast of a sink is on Amazon.

Ruvati Faucet Polished Chrome

I love our Ruvati kitchen faucet.  Clean and simple. Though the one I bought is no longer available, this Kraus Faucet is similar. 


Atlantic Salt Quartz Countertops

I had considered getting all white quartz countertops, but Jim talked me out of it. I’m glad we went with Atlantic Salt instead. It’s still light and has a modern feel, but all the specks of grey do a really good job at hiding the spilled food/crumbs, etc. until I’m ready to wipe them down.

Glass Jars

I keep our flour, sugar, dried beans, rice, and whole wheat flour in these large jars on a shelf in our kitchen. They aren’t airtight though — not a good storage container if you want a long-term food storage solution. 

Cast Iron Skillet

I recently started using this cast iron skillet and I love it! Because it retains heat well I find that searing meats works better in here than any other pan/skillet. It is not meant to go in the dishwasher though, so keep that in mind if you don’t enjoy scrubbing dishes by hand.

Samsung Gas Range

When we renovated our kitchen I made sure we swapped out the old electric stove for a gas range. Our Samsung gas range has been great. 

Ikea Bosse Kitchen Island Bar Stool painted yellow

Bar Stools

These are actually the affordable wooden bar stools from Ikea. Jim and I sawed off a few inches from each leg to make them the correct height, then primed and painted the stools yellow to add a pop of color into our mostly white and grey kitchen. 

Cabinet Pulls

We bought these from Ikea–the Fagleboda drawer pulls, which they stopped making, though I see you can still get them on Amazon.  

02 | Bathroom

penny tile on wall in bathroom

Penny Tile

At $2.99/square foot, penny tile is a pretty affordable option to cover your walls. 

Brushed Nickel Bathroom Faucet


This Pfister Venturi brushed nickel faucet is the one I picked out when we remodeled the powder room

03 | Home Furnishings

Dash and Albert Stair Runner

This indoor/outdoor rug has held up really well (even with four kids!) and provides a some traction on our wood stairs.

Modern Farmhouse Ceiling Light

I love the style of this ceiling fixture–a mix of modern, industrial and farmhouse all in one. 

04 | Home Cleaning

Bissell Steam Mop

90% of the floors in our home are hardwood, so this is a must.  I love our bissell steam mop.


Soft Scrub with Bleach

I LOVE this stuff. I once left my cast iron skillet on my countertop overnight without realizing the bottom was still wet.  In the morning when I picked it up, the counter had a large rust stain that WOULD NOT come off.  After some googling, Soft Scrub with bleach was what I found to be recommended, and it worked.  I love using this to clean my kitchen and bathroom. 

05 | Bedroom

Kids Bed Sheets

These are the sheets in my daughter’s DIY twin bed–so I can’t vouch for their level of warmth/comfort–but I love the graphic pattern of hand-drawn forest animals. Though I purchased them at Target, they are no longer listed for sale.

06 | Organization

Check back soon!

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