Master bathroom vanity : THREE HIDDEN Features

Green Vanity with drawers and doors

I love the updates to our master bathroom, but my favorite part of the whole room is definitely the vanity. It has three “hidden” features that make it really easy to keep organized.

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Hidden Toe Kick Storage Drawer

It looks like a normal vanity, right?

Behr Vine Leaf Paint Vanity

Do you see something hiding in the toe kick area (a brass knob in the shadows, perhaps)?


It’s a hidden drawer:

Toe Kick Hidden Drawer
Build a Hidden Drawer in Toe Kick

Years ago I saw a photo on pinterest from someone who added extra storage to their kitchen by turning the wasted toe-kick space into drawers. I’m all about packing in as much storage as possible and thought this might be a fun place to try the toe-kick drawer. I’m not even sure what we’ll fill it with (right now it has a few boxes of q-tips and little bathroom travel bags), but something is exciting about having a hidden drawer 🙂

Super Convenient Hair Tools Pull Out

The hidden toe kick drawer is cool but the feature hiding behind the left cabinet door is something I use much more regularly:

A pull out organizer for my hair dryer, straightener, and curling iron:

Pullout Storage for Straightener Master Bathroom_
Pullout Storage for Hairdryer Master Bathroom

Gone are the days of having a mess of curling and straightening irons, hair dryers, and cords (SO. MANY. CORDS!) cluttering up the countertop. These stay in the cabinet PERMANENTLY. No need to pull them out and plug them in above the cabinet–they’re already plugged in right where they are!

Add Outlet for Pullout Hair Dryer Drawer

Before I put the new vanity in I had Jim add an outlet. There was already one above the counter but I wanted one that would be inside the cabinet:

Inside Cabinet Outlet for Pullout Hair Dryer Drawer

I cut an opening in the vanity that provides access to this extra outlet. I plugged a power strip into it, then mounted the power strip to the organizer pullout. All three appliances can be plugged in at once.

Pullout Drawer for Bathroom Vanity
Build Pullout Storage for Hairdryer
DIY Pullout Storage for Curling Iron

I found the affordable metal hair tool organizer online, then screwed it to plywood paired with drawer slides to make a very simple pullout.

Pullout Hairdryer Storage

I’m not a huge fan of spending any amount of time doing my hair, but the hair tool organizer pullout makes the process a little more enjoyable and 10000% helps the bathroom stay uncluttered.

Bathroom Vanity Organization

Hiding inside the vanity’s drawers are something to help keep all the little bathroom items easy to find : drawer organizers!

Master Bathroom Vanity Plastic Organizers
Plastic Organizers for Master Bathroom Vanity_

I bought a set of clear desk organizer trays (these ones: JARLINK 21 Pack Desk Drawer Organizer Trays with 7 Different Sizes, Drawer Organizer Trays with Non-Slip Silicone Pads (Clear)) and added them to the shallow drawers in the center of the vanity. The shallow drawers and organizers make it super easy to find exactly what I’m looking for.

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