Build A Modern Outdoor L Couch

Guess what? The modern outdoor sofa I built was really just one half of the modern outdoor L couch that I made for our back patio:

How to Build Modern L Couch

I wanted to add add many seats as possible to our back patio and figured an outdoor L couch was the best way to do it. When I was sketching out the plans I decided to make two separate pieces rather that one giant piece. This will make it easier to transport if we ever move (we’ve been looking for a home with a little more land for over a year with no luck…). Simply slide the two together and you’ve got one modern outdoor L couch:

Outdoor L Couch Plans

If you’ve already constructed the modern outdoor sofa, building this add-on piece should be pretty easy. It uses all of the same sizes of lumber and simple methods of joinery.

Add on Couch to Make L Couch

Just like the modern outdoor sofa, this add-on couch is sized to fit three standard-size, 24×24 outdoor seat cushions. Also like the outdoor sofa, I decided instead to make my own. 🙂 You can read a bit more about the cushion-making process here: How I finished the Outdoor Sofa

L Couch View from Above

If you’re interested in building your own Outdoor L Couch, click the link below to get the PDF files with exact dimensions, a cutting list and complete building instructions (for both the modern outdoor couch AND the add-on piece) :

Modern Outdoor L Couch Woodworking Plans

Build a Modern Outdoor L Couch
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