Tackling Outdoor Projects with Louisville Ladder from The Home Depot

*This post is sponsored by The Home Depot

Earlier this year Jim and I decided that we wanted to start spending more time outside in our yard, but realized that we had some work to do to make it a space we actually wanted to be. Many of these jobs were literally out of reach, but with my Louisville Ladder from The Home Depot I was able to get them done quickly and easily. 


A few things I love about this ladder:

  • Light enough to easily carry 
  • Can be used as both a step ladder or shelf ladder
  • When using it unfolded as a step ladder, its smart design allows me to get closer to the work area compared to other ladders I’ve used 
  • I feel secure on it, even when I’m standing at the maximum height
  • The legs of course work on flat surfaces but also did well on my sloped driveway 
  • The top has multiple tool slots as well as a magnet

Outdoor Projects with Louisville Ladder

One outdoor task that was long overdue was cleaning out the gutters. Yikes!

Cleaning House Rain Gutters
Unfolding Louisville Ladder to Clean Gutters
Louisville Ladder Able to Get Closer to Work Area

See how close the ladder is able to get to the gutters? That is a win! Our old ladder seemed to open at such a wide angle that it was impossible to get close to the work area.  With my Louisville Ladder I was able to stand right where I needed to be, and used a small garden trowel to easily scoop out all the debris from the gutters.

What I think about Louisville Ladder Cross Step 8 Foot

Another long overdue job was to trim some branches of a tree in our front yard. Our driveway is sloped so I wasn’t sure what to expect about how the ladder would handle. I was pleasantly surprised–it felt super secure. No wiggles or wobbles at all–I felt safe and stable up there trimming the branches.

Trimming Tree
Trimming Trees Front Yard
Stable Legs Louisville Ladder

I haven’t needed to take advantage of this feature yet, but I love the smart design at the top with tool slots and a magnet. It’ll be a great way to keep tools close at hand and avoid constant trips up and down the ladder.

Spot for Hammer at Top of Cross Step by Louisville Ladder
Multiple Tool Slots Louisville Ladder
Tool Slot in Action Louisville Ladder
Magnet Top of Louisville Ladder

Another great feature is its ability to be locked and used as a shelf ladder:

Multi Use Ladder Doubles as Shelf Ladder When Locked
Ladder Doubles as Shelf Ladder Top View

My current favorite thing about our outdoor space is the peach tree! We planted it when we moved in seven years ago but, despite being semi-dwarf, it has now grown too tall for me to be able to reach more than half of the peaches. The ladder’s slip-resistant footing really helps it stay firmly in place and keeps me feeling secure.

Picking Peaches with 8 ft Louisville Ladder

It’s been great to have my Louisville Ladder around this summer as we complete outdoor tasks and projects!

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