DIY simple 8 drawer dresser blue modern

Simple Modern 8-Drawer Dresser | DIY Furniture

Every year as my birthday approaches the present I request and look forward to the most is a whole Saturday to myself. No changing diapers, no making lunch, no driving anyone anywhere, no responsibilities and no guilt about being selfish; it’s my birthday! For the last three years I’ve spent…

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DIY US Chalkboard

DIY U.S. Chalkboard

When we transformed the playroom into a children’s arts & crafts room, I knew I wanted the room to have a large chalkboard. At the time James and Colin were quite enthusiastic about drawing and  coloring–they went through at least 20 sheets of paper per day–I figured a chalkboard might…

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$500 DIY Powder Room Update

When Jim and I decided to update our small powder room I was hoping to keep the cost under $500. There were so many things wrong with that bathroom. The paint on the wall. The light fixture. The sink. The counter. The flooring. EVER-Y-THING. Except the toilet, I guess, which we…

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