Children’s Craft Room Makeover

When James and Colin were fairly young we moved them into the same bedroom so that we could convert our third bedroom into a “playroom.” That was fun for awhile, but it seemed to always be a complete disaster and I noticed that the majority of what they were doing in the playroom was drawing, coloring, cutting, gluing, making crafty little gifts for each other, etc. After we tore the carpet out of the room and laid new flooring we decided to NOT put it back together as a playroom, but a kid’s craft room. Our goal was to create a space where they could do the things they enjoyed the most, while also having plenty of storage space to keep all of the things they used the most (markers, paper, glue, beads) organized and close at hand.

What We Used

We put the room together quickly, primarily using items from Ikea.

  • Grundtal Rails for the roll of drawing paper and to hold the Utensil Holders (filled with colored pencils, markers, and other drawing utensils)
  • Two Trofast Wall Storage with white slide-out storage compartments are mounted to the wall side-by-side. These hold the lesser-used items like beads, stickers, etc.
  • The desk is simply a large Linnmon Table Top pushed against the wall, held up in the back by a 2×4 directly underneath the table (screwed to the studs), and held up in the front with three Adils Legs.
  • Mosslanda Picture Ledges are mounted to the wall and hold tubes of paint, rulers, and other often-used items that didn’t quite fit into the utensil holders.

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