DIY Bathroom Vanity & Shaker Style Doors

DIY bathroom vanity with shaker style doors collage

This simple bathroom vanity was my first DIY “furniture” project. It isn’t too complicated of a piece–basically a box with a few dividers and easy-to-build shaker style doors–definitely a feasible starter project.

The Process:

After browsing through tons of images of bathroom vanities, I found this one on Ana White’s DIY furniture website that I liked quite a bit: Image from Ana White

Ana White Grey Bathroom Vanity Cabinet DIY
Image from Ana White

What I Liked:

The shaker style doors, the dark grey color and the basic three section layout.

What I Didn’t:

I wasn’t a huge fan of having an open shelf area. Though I would normally like drawers, it wasn’t something that we needed for the vanity in our powder room (it’s main purpose is to store toilet paper and cleaning supplies).

So, using that image as inspiration, I sketched out a plan for our own bathroom vanity, making adjustments to meet our needs with dimensions specific to our space.

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hand drawn sketch of DIY bathroom cabinet

(Pencil and paper worked this time around, but I decided after completing the cabinet that learning SketchUp to make 3-dimensional drawings was a must.)

I bought the most affordable 3/4″ plywood I could find.  This was my first project, remember, and let’s just say I wasn’t completely convinced I wouldn’t totally screw it up.  Better to mess up on a $30 sheet of plywood than a $75 sheet.

DIY bathroom cabinet side view

Here is the cabinet before doors were added.  You can see how simple it is. The whole thing is put together using pocket holes.

DIY bathroom cabinet unfinished side view
Top view of DIY bathroom cabinet

The back support is a simple 2×4 connected to each side of the cabinet with pocket holes.  This piece helps the cabinet keep its shape. It is also the piece you drill through to attach the cabinet to the wall.

side view of DIY bathroom cabinet

I love shaker style doors.  So simple. So clean. So attractive. And, as it turns out, super easy to make.  I followed Ana White’s tutorial which you can find here.

DIY shaker style cabinet doors
DIY shaker style cabinet doors unfinished

And here it is after sanding/painting and attaching the doors.  I used European style hinges that attach to the inside of the cabinet.  The Liberty Silver Cabinet Mounting Template* (*Amazon affiliate link) made installation of the hinges a breeze.

DIY dark grey bathroom vanity cabinet
DIY Bathroom Vanity Close Up of Shaker Style Door

What I learned:

  • I didn’t bring the cabinet high enough off the ground–the toe kick area is a bit too short.  Watch your feet when you open that large middle door!
  • I placed the hinges for all of the doors on the left side. I thought that keeping it “consistent,” would be a good choice, but getting into the door on the far right feels somewhat awkward. The hinges on that door should have been placed on the right side.

Good things to know for the next vanity build! 🙂

5 thoughts on “DIY Bathroom Vanity & Shaker Style Doors”

  1. Definitely the best tutorial I’ve seen so far. If you don’t mind sharing what was the total cost of the project?

    1. Angie @ House Becoming Home

      Thanks Kenia! The total cost of the vanity or the entire bathroom reno? It’s been a few years since I did this, so I can’t remember for certain, but I do remember I was trying to keep the entire bathroom renovation to about $500. I think the vanity was somewhere around $100 . . .

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