Adding a Dash and Albert Stair Runner | Stair Update Part Two

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wood stair with white risers and blue stair runner

Last month you saw the first part of our Stair Update, where we said goodbye to dirty carpeted stairs and hello to white oak stairs with white risers. Today I want to show you the final step to updating our stairs–adding a Dash and Albert stair runner.

The Dash & Albert diamond rug is something I discovered while working as a photographer.  I was photographing a newborn baby in my client’s home.  They had beautiful wood stairs with a black diamond Dash and Albert stair runner.  It looked amazing.  I put it on the “things-I-will-eventually-have-in-my-home” list.  And here it is. In my home. I love it.

Dash and Albert Blue Stair Runner

Putting it in, believe it or not, was quite simple, especially compared to our previous task of figuring out even baluster spacing and the correct angles, etc. For this we needed a staple gun, lots of staples, and a pair of scissors.  That’s about it.

Here’s how you do it

  1. Measure the width of your staircase to determine how much space will be on each side of the runner. My runner was 30 inches across, and my stairs (where we started, which isn’t pictured) are 36″ across.  That meant the runner was supposed to be three inches from the left wall, and three inches from the right wall.
  2. Place your runner in its correct spot and staple every 2-3 inches across the top of the riser.
  3. Pull the runner tight and staple every 2-3 inches at the very bottom of the riser. (note: you will only be stapling the rug into the riser, never the tread.
  4. Continue working your way down the stairs until you reach the bottom. As you work your way down the stairs continue measuring the distance between the edge of the runner and the wall to be sure you aren’t starting to go crooked!
  5. If you have a long set of stairs and need more than one rug (we needed three!), you’ll have to make sure you can’t see where one starts and another begins. We cut ours off a couple of inches under the top of the lowest riser it could make it to, then placed the new runner on top of that, and stapled as normal, every 2-3 inches.

Here’s an image, in case you’re a visual, need-to-see-it type like me:

DIY Stair Runner How-To Diagram
Dash and Albert Blue Stair Runner on white oak stairs
How to add a stair runner blue dash and albert runner on oak stairs

2 thoughts on “Adding a Dash and Albert Stair Runner | Stair Update Part Two”

  1. Is this the navy and white or the navy and ivory, or another color? We also have white oak stairs and white risers and I like how the blue works with the wood!

    1. Angie @ House Becoming Home

      Hi Paige–It’s the navy and white rug. I actually originally ordered the denim and white, but when I opened it, saw that it was just too light–paired with the white oak it had a really 90’s feel. So I exchanged it for the navy and white, which I just love! Houzz carries quite a few colors of the diamond runners, linked in the post. If you end up doing it I’d love to see how it turns out. 🙂

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