Garage Workshop Small Tool Organization

The center section of the miter workstation is only about 2.5′ wide, but it stores nearly all of my small hand tools, supplies, and hardware. Here’s a look at how it’s organized:

Center Workstation Storage Drawers
Antique Style Finger Pulls with Labels for Garage Workshop Drawers

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Small Tool Storage Supplies

Easily Find Tools in Workshop with Drawer Labels and Antique Finger Pulls

Labels For Drawers

To keep everything in these drawers easy to find, I used vintage-style, label-holding finger pulls that look like something you would see in a library. No more missing pencils or measuring tapes–everyone knows exactly where to find things (and, more importantly, where to return them!).

I made labels that, when printed at 100%, fit perfectly inside the finger pulls. You can find the free downloadable file at the end of this post.

Vintage Label Holder Finger Pulls

Top Drawer

My mostly frequently used tools are kept in the top drawer for easy access: pencils, measuring tapes, drill bits, squares and other measuring/marking tools.

Small Tool Organization Top Drawer
Garage Workshop Drawers
Antique Style Finger Pulls with Labels for Measuring Drawer

I cut notches in strips of pallet wood, then fit them together into a grid to make a few dividers:

Making Drawer Organizers for Garage Workshop
Making Drawer Organizers for Garage Workshop Notch

Hardware Drawer

The next drawer down holds all kinds of hardware: screws, nuts, bolts, washers, screw eyes, dowels, shelf pegs, extra drawer pulls, etc.

Small Parts Storage Drawers for Garage Workshop

I put together an organizer using pallet wood and wood glue to hold my most commonly used screws.

DIY Hardware Drawer Organizer Glue Up
DIY Hardware Drawer Organizer Process
DIY Hardware Drawer Organizer Clamped
DIY Hardware Drawer Organizer
Screw Organization

Hammers Nails and Mallets

The next drawer down has nails, mallets, and pneumatic staples/nails.

Hammer and Nails Storage Drawers
Garage Workshop Storage Drawers for Small Tools and Parts

Small Hand Tools

This drawer is a bit deeper than the first three, but the dividers keep it organized. I’ve got separate spots for wrenches, screwdrivers, small screwdrivers, putty knives, pliers, allen wrenches, and small clamps. The larger section holds a few homemade table saw jigs and tools I don’t use too frequently.

Small Hand Tool Storage

Safety Gear and Misc. Storage

The bottom drawer is the home of my lathe face mask, drawer slides, extra dust collection bags etc.

Safety Gear Storage Drawer

And those five drawers hold the majority of my small hand tools and supplies!

Free Printable Label Template

Are you interested in getting your small tools and supplies ultra organized?

Pick up a pack of antique finger pulls, then come back here for your free labels. The downloadable file has 36 tool labels + 12 blank labels if you need to fill in with your own unique items. Print at 100%, cut on the lines, and these will perfectly slide into the vintage-style finger pulls.

Free Printable Workshop Labels for Vintage Finger Pulls
Antique Style Finger Pulls with Labels for Measuring Drawer

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download your free workshop labels printable PDF file

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Miter Station Drawers Free Labels for Tools Workshop
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