Make A DIY Coat Hook

After building and installing organizational compartments for our coat closet, I began searching for some coat hooks to add to the "mini lockers." As is always the case, the ones I liked were not exactly cheap, and I needed a handful . . . which is when the usual question pops into my head . . . "could I just make these?"

Make an Affordable DIY Coat Hook

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What you'll Need to Make a DIY Coat Hook


Yes, of course I can! So can you, and it cost just pennies to make! All you need is:

  • 7/16" x 48" round wooden dowel
  • 1-1/4" x48" round wooden dowel (I used what was leftover after making DIY wooden closet rods)
  • 1/4" x 1.5" (#10) Dowel Screws (one for however many hooks you're making)
  • Wood Glue

As far as tools go, the list is short:

How to Make a Coat Hook

Step One

Cut a 7/16" dowel into a piece about 2.5-3" long.

Step Two

Make a hole into the back side of your coat hook using a 3/16" drill bit (assuming you're using a 1/4" dowel screw and your coat hook is soft wood and not hardwood. If your hook is hardwood, drill a 1/4" hole).

Make a Hole to Attach Dowel Screw_

Step Three

Attach a dowel screw into the coat hook. Half should be in the hook, half should be out.

*Tool Tip*

When we re-did our stairs I bought a pack of dowel screws that came with a helpful dowel screw driver. I used this tool to make my coat hooks. Twist the dowel screw by hand a few turns into your pre-drilled hole, then use this driver to bring it halfway into your coat hook.

Adding a Two Sided Screw to a Dowel

Step Four

Cut a 3/4" section of a 1-1/4" round dowel.

Use a 7/16"-sized forstner bit to make a hole (about 1/2" deep) into the center of this piece.

All Pieces to Make a Coat Hook from Dowels

Step Five

Attach the larger dowel to the smaller one with wood glue or multi-surface glue.


Gluing a Wooden DIY Coat Hook_
Gluing Parts of Wooden DIY Coat Hook_

That's it! You're done with the DIY coat hook (unless you want to add a finishing oil or polyurethane). Once the glue has dried, you can screw it into the wall (use a drywall anchor) or straight into wood.

Dowel Screw in DIY Coat Hook

I attached my coat hooks to the wood of our closet dividers after pre-drilling 3/16" holes.

Make an Affordable DIY Coat Hook from Wood Dowels
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