DIY Charging Station

If your house looks like anything mine did a few months ago, there are ipads, tablets, laptops, phones and ALL THEIR CHARGING CABLES scattered everywhere. I made a DIY Charging station to help clear some of that electronic clutter:

DIY Charging Station on Work Desk
DIY Charging Station Side View

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DIY Charging Station Materials

  • ¾”  thick material of your choice (pine, poplar, walnut, etc.)
  • ½” plywood
  • Veneer edging
  • 1-¼” Pocket Hole Screws
  • Wood Glue

DIY Charging Station Tools

This DIY charging station holds multiple tablets, phones, a small laptop, and my external hard drive. All the cords and cables are unseen in the back, and the top compartment hides a 7 outlet/5 USB port power strip. With so many outlets, I’ve even got enough room to plug in my camera battery charger.

DIY Charging Station with hidden 7 outlet / 5 USB port power strip
DIY Charging Station with hidden 7 outlet / 5 USB port power strip

DIY Charging Station Instructions

Today I’m sharing the complete tutorial on my friend Jen Woodhouse’s blog. You can find the post here. And if you’d like to use the charge icon I made, I have a free printable pdf file you can download at the end of this post. If you make your own DIY charging station, come back here and share your photos with me.  I’d love to see how it turns out!

DIY Charging Station with Power Strip and USB Hub
DIY Charging Station Lid
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