How to Build a Scrap Wood Organizer

After building the DIY Lumber Rack, the previously chaotic situation in my garage was looking a lot better. But the 2×4 and conduit lumber rack is ideal for medium and long pieces of lumber. After loading it up, there were still quite a few pieces of short lumber and wide scraps of plywood that didn’t have a “home.” I designed this Scrap Wood Organizer Cart to hold the rest of what was left in my garage: small and medium-sized scraps of lumber and plywood.

At the end of this post you’ll find a link to download the free printable plans for the Scrap Wood Organizer Cart. Below are a few photos from the building process.

How to Build a Scrap Cart Organizer - Free Plans, Instructions and Photos

How to Build a Scrap Wood Organizer Cart

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To Make It Mobile

To Make a Horizontal Divider




Download the free printable pdf at the end of the post for a full cut list of lumber.

Process of Building a DIY Scrap Wood Organizer Cart

With every inch of my garage (and especially of this cart) being precious, I didn’t want to make a divider from 3/4″ plywood that would end up stealing space from the scraps I need to store. This horizontal divider made from 3/16″ wire cable is a perfect way to keep the lumber organized without losing valuable space.

Easy and Affordable Divider for DIY Scrap Wood Organizer Cart made from wire cable and carabiner

The heavy duty casters + this simple gate handle make rolling the heavy cart around the garage super easy. I only added a handle to one side, though I think I may add another to the other side.

Gate Handle Attached to DIY Scrap Wood Organizer Cart to Pull it Around the Shop
An affordable, simple, easy-to-build mobile cart to store and organize scrap lumber and plywood

Free PDF Plans


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Free Printable PDF Plans for Scrap Wood Organizer Cart
How to Build An Affordable, Simple, Mobile Cart to store and organize scrap lumber and plywood in your workshop
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