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DIY bathroom cabinet shaker style door painted grey

DIY Bathroom Vanity & Shaker Style Doors

This simple bathroom vanity was my first DIY “furniture” project. It isn’t too complicated of a piece–basically a box with a few dividers and easy-to-build shaker style doors–definitely a feasible starter project. The Process: After browsing through tons of images of bathroom vanities, I found this one on Ana White’s DIY furniture website that I …

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Kitchen Reno

Jim and I spent quite a bit of time house-hunting before finally buying the home we live in now. As we searched I always seemed to be drawn to the houses that needed a little bit of “help,” and the one we ended up buying (and live in now) was no different. When we looked at …

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DIY US Chalkboard

DIY U.S. Chalkboard

When we transformed the playroom into a children’s arts & crafts room, I knew I wanted the room to have a large chalkboard. At the time James and Colin were quite enthusiastic about drawing and  coloring–they went through at least 20 sheets of paper per day–I figured a chalkboard might be a little more practical …

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